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What is mechanical engineering? What a mechanical engineering does? How did the mechanical engineering switch via a long time? what's the way forward for mechanical engineering? This publication solutions those questions in a lucid demeanour. It additionally offers a quick chronological historical past of landmark occasions and solutions questions resembling: while used to be steam engine invented? the place used to be first CNC laptop constructed? whilst did the period of additive production commence? whilst did the wedding of mechanical and electronics supply delivery to self-discipline of mechatronics? This publication informs and create curiosity on mechanical engineering within the basic public and specific in scholars. It additionally is helping to sensitize the engineering fraternity in regards to the ancient facets of engineering. whilst, it presents a standard experience wisdom of mechanical engineering in a convenient manner.

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Other commonly used stone tools were hand axe, knife, scraper, chopper, anvil, wedge, etc. Primary objective of using these tools was for hunting 20 2 Landmark Revolutionary Inventions in Mechanical Engineering animals for food, skinning them, and chopping their meat. Possibly, the tools were also used for felling the trees and cutting the fruits. At a later point of time, early human used the stone tools to sharpen the bones of the hunted animals and make pointed needles and fishhooks to catch fish and other water animals for food.

Wootz is the anglicization of ‘ukku,’ the Kannada word for steel (Srinivasan and Ranganathan 2004). There are evidences of production of crucible steel/Wootz steel in South India and Sri Lanka and exporting to Rome, Egypt, China, and Arab countries (Srinivasan 1994). The Arabs learnt this technique from India and used for making Damascus steel, another variety of high quality steel.

Thus, the punching can be accomplished with relatively smaller size of motor. A turbine converts hydraulic and thermal energy into rotational kinetic energy. The rotational kinetic energy of the turbine is transformed into electrical energy with the help of a generator. A grinding wheel is used to sharpen and shape various products. Here, the rotational kinetic energy of the grinding wheel is used to remove unwanted material from the workpiece. 3 Invention of Tools In the modern times, tools in various forms have become necessities for mankind.

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