A Cornish Anthology by A. L. Rowse (auth.)

By A. L. Rowse (auth.)

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The Sunken Garden at Tregrehan WHEN grandmother and grandfather were promoted to keep the lodge-gate at Tregrehan-'The Lodge' or 'to th' Lodge' it was referred to respectfully by the family-! think the old lady felt that she had gone up in the world. ' There at the Lodge she was entrenched upon the main road, with a view of everything going up and down, but at the same time a little withdrawn within the defences of the park. 'Entrenched' is the right word; for grandmother thought as much of herself as the lady at the big house.

Carew may have seen only the smaller ones. Q, From a Cornish Window 19. Near Lanivet There was a stunted hand post just on the crest, Only a few feet high: She was tired, and we stopped in the twilight-time for her rest, At the crossways close thereby. She leant back, being so weary, against its stem, And laid her arms on its own, 34 Each open palm stretched out to each end of them, Her sad face sideways thrown. Her white-clothed form at this dim-lit cease of day Made her look as one crucified In my gaze at her from the midst of the dusty way, And hurriedly 'Don't,' I cried.

A. L. RowsE, A Cornish Childhood 32 18. A Plan-an-Gwary: Perran Round HARD by the edge of the sand-hills, and close beside the high road on the last rise before it dips to the coast, stands a turfed embankment surrounded by a shallow fosse. This is none of our ancient camps ('castles' we call them in Cornwall), as you perceive upon stepping within the enclosure, which rises in a complete circle save for two entrances cut through the bank and facing one another. You are standing in a perfectly level area a hundred and thirty feet in diameter; the surrounding rampart rises to a height of eight or nine feet, narrowing towards the top, where it is seven feet wide; and around its inner side you may trace seven or eight rows of seats cut in the turf, but now almost obliterated by the grass.

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