Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. III ( IV Volumen Set) by L. De LA Vallee Poussin

By L. De LA Vallee Poussin

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Thus it is not the object of the three anusayas of these two Dhatus], because the first two dharmajndnas are not opposed to these Dhatus, and because the first category of the anusayas of these two Dhatus, namely those which one abandons through Seeing, are not opposed by any dharmajndna. the esteeming of morality and ascetic practices (pardmarsay* bear on pure dharmas, on the Extinction of Suffering or on the Path? 794 Chapter Five 16a. Lust does not bear on pure dharmas, because lust should be rejected.

L0a) is modified, but not its color. An example which shows difference in qualities: milk becomes whey; its taste, force, and digestibility change, but not its color.

23 Namely desire, anger, ignorance and pride: because one who has seen the Truths then abandons them through Meditation on the Path. In this way satkdyadrsti, the view of self and of things pertaining to a self, is unique, being susceptible of being abandoned through the Seeing of Suffering; and the same for antagrdhadrsti, the belief in extremes. False views is of four types, abandoned through the Seeing of Suffering, Arising, Extinction, and the Path; the same for the esteeming of bad views and doubt.

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