Algebraische Topologie by Wolfgang Lück

By Wolfgang Lück

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Tel Aviv Topology Conference: Rothenberg Festschrif : International Conference on Topology, June 1-5, 1998 Tel Aviv (Contemporary Mathematics)

This quantity offers the complaints of the Tel Aviv overseas Topology convention held in the course of the designated Topology application at Tel Aviv college. The e-book is devoted to Professor Mel Rothenberg at the social gathering of his sixty fifth birthday. His contributions to topology are good known---from the early paintings on triangulations to varied papers on transformation teams and on geometric and analytic points of torsion thought.

Topology, 2/E

For a senior undergraduate or first yr graduate-level direction in advent to Topology. acceptable for a one-semester direction on either normal and algebraic topology or separate classes treating every one subject separately.
This textual content is designed to supply teachers with a handy unmarried textual content source for bridging among normal and algebraic topology classes. separate, targeted sections (one on common, aspect set topology, the opposite on algebraic topology) are each one compatible for a one-semester path and are dependent round the comparable set of uncomplicated, middle subject matters. non-compulsory, self sufficient themes and purposes will be studied and built intensive looking on path wishes and preferences.

Table of Contents

I. basic TOPOLOGY.
1. Set idea and Logic.

2. Topological areas and non-stop Functions.

three. Connectedness and Compactness.

four. Countability and Separation Axioms.

five. The Tychonoff Theorem.

6. Metrization Theorems and Paracompactness.

7. whole Metric areas and serve as Spaces.

eight. Baire areas and size Theory.

nine. the basic Group.

10. Separation Theorems within the Plane.

11. The Seifert-van Kampen Theorem.

12. category of Surfaces.

13. category of masking Spaces.

14. functions to staff Theory.


Surface Topology

This up-to-date and revised version of a greatly acclaimed and profitable textual content for undergraduates examines topology of contemporary compact surfaces in the course of the improvement of easy rules in airplane geometry. Containing over 171 diagrams, the strategy makes it possible for a simple therapy of its topic quarter. it truly is really appealing for its wealth of functions and diversity of interactions with branches of arithmetic, associated with floor topology, graph thought, crew idea, vector box concept, and airplane Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry.

Geometry of polynomials

In the course of the years because the first version of this famous monograph seemed, the topic (the geometry of the zeros of a fancy polynomial) has persisted to reveal an identical awesome power because it did within the first one hundred fifty years of its background, starting with the contributions of Cauchy and Gauss.

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This grows more more slowly than the virtual (complex) ,IhuruHion d = 4k - (3/2)(1 + b+(X» of the moduli space M" , and it follows that AI, \ a~k is dense in M Ic, for large k. doE) is Serre- dual to HO(EndoE f8J Kx). "rr iH a non-trivial section s of the bundle EndoE®Kx. Two cases arise according 'u wlu~ther the determinant of s is identically zero or not. If the determinant is zero Ull' l((~rnel of s defines a line bundle L * and a section of E ® L. Then we can fit h,tI4' th(~ first construction described above and estimate the nmnber of parameters IYAlllthle in the group Ext in terms of k.

For all large enough k the invariant qk,X satisfies qk,X (a, a, ... , a) > O. For the proof of this one considers the restriction of holomorphic bundles over X t : a hyperplane section ~ - a complex curve representing Q. (See the account of Witten's lectures in these Proceedings). ) Then vi have a restriction map r:Mk~WE. Over WE we have a basic holomorphic line bundle £, again just as considere in Witten's theory. It is easy enough to show that p(a) is the pull-back by r . e. eN define a holomorphic embedding j : WE -+ cpm: Furthermore one can easily see that r is an embedding, so the composite j 0 r give' a projective embedding of Mk, and N IJ( a) is the restriction of the hyperplane cl ' over projective space.

Finally le~ note that the group of orientation- preserving self- homotopy equivalences of X . naturally on the cohomology of 8*. For simplicity we suppose that the class ~ fixed by this action, we just call such a class an invariant class . Then to sum" we obtain THEOREM 7. Let X be a compact, smooth, oriented,and simply connecte manifold with b+(X) > 1. Let q, be an invariant class in Hr(B*, R) for r If 4k > 3(1 + b+(X) + r and the dimension s = 8k - 3(1 + b+(X) equals 2d + r t, the map q",q"X : H 2 (X; Z) x··· X H 2 (X : Z) --+ R, given by q",q"x ([E I ], ...

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